Top Tips for Helping You Find the Best Vape Device

If you are thinking of buying a new vape device, then you need to read this article. Today we are going to explore all the things you need to be looking for from your new vape device.

By the time you see the end of this article you should have a much better idea about the type of devices that you need.


2ml Tanks Only

There is new legislation in the EU concerning the size of the tank that you can attach to a fake device. Although we are leaving the EU, these rules still contain to the UK and are likely to do so once we have left too.

The 2ml tanks are supposedly safer than the larger tanks. This is because they minimise the amount of vape that we use, and this should help tame some of us out of an out of control nicotine habits.

I know that some of you will find this irritating, because it means that you have to vape less juice, but there’s a reason for buying the 2ml tanks other than safety. If a vape shop is selling large of tanks, it means they are paying attention to the legal system.


This is a bad sign. It means that they don’t particularly care about their customers or about their business. You’re much more likely to buy something that is sub-par when it comes to quality.

Buy a Glass Tank Made of Pyrex

It’s important that you buy a Pyrex tank, such as the Aspire K3 tank. There are three reasons for this:

1. It prevents the vape juice from leaking into the tank. With a plastic tank, the flavour of your previous liquid can get into the atoms and molecules of the tank. This means that When you vape a subsequent flavour, you’ll still be able to taste the old flavour. Over time, it will come to affect your vape juice and it will start to taste weird.


2. Glass tanks are easier to clean. Glass is smoother than plastic and this means that it’s much easier to remove any old juice from the tank. This is an addition to the leaching problem that we mentioned in the previous point.

3. It’s important that you don’t just buy glass tank, but you buy a Pyrex glass tank. This is because Pyrex is heat resistant and therefore if you accidentally overheat your device, it will not explode. Pyrex is definitely the safest option with device that has so much power.


Easy fill tanks are essential

As the name suggests, easy fill tanks, such as the Aspire K3 tank, will help to make your vape have it that little bit easier to manage. You won’t have to mess around with fiddly bits. It’s all very easy.


Stick to the suggestions we have made above, and you will be able to buy a fantastic tank for your vape device. This will really help to improve your habit and make it easier to achieve.

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