Motivape Yourself Off Tobacco Smoking

Many smokers have gone over to vaping as it is a far safer habit than smoking tobacco. If you have been a heavy smoker you may go for cigalikes as they most resemble the cigarettes you used to smoke.

However, if you have been vaping for some time you may want to go over to the more complicated vaping pens. If you have reached this stage you are not ever likely to smoke again as these e cigs are the final motivation. They are just too different in shape.

For these you will need a tank in which to put e juice and if you look around you will find that an aspire k3 tank comes highly recommended. This particular brand has a good selection of tanks to cater for the needs of every vaper.


There are two ways to vape namely direct to lung and the other is mouth to lung. In the first case you will be using a sub-ohm tank and in the second a MTL kit. If you use a sub-ohm kit you will get more flavour as you will be using more e juice. With this way of vaping you won’t let the flavour linger in your mouth but will draw it directly to the lungs.

However, if you prefer a more authentic way of smoking experience you should go for the MTL kit and this is the one most ex-smokers will begin with.

The particular tank mentioned above is popular because it is easy to fill and you can also check how much liquid you are using. If you have been smoking MTL for a while you can experiment. It is also a good every day vehicle for your e juice.


It is always good practice to vape a reputable juice. They may be a little more expensive, but you will have bought a top of the range e liquid for your vaping pen. These also tend to use the purest ingredients.

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