How to Keep Your Children & Pets Safe from Vaping

OK, so vaping is nowhere near as dangerous as smoking, but that doesn’t mean that it is entirely safe, and certainly not for children or animals. There has been more than one accident involving vape – usually children getting hold of the bottle and drinking it.

Whilst this isn’t fatal, it can cause a high degree of anxiety as children do not react well to high levels of nicotine…neither do adults, for that matter, but the amount that constitutes “high levels” is clearly different for each demographic.


It’s important that you understand how to keep your kids and pets safe from your vape habit. We are going to teach you how to do this during the course of this article.

Buying Safe Equipment and Paraphernalia

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are buying from a reputable source. There is legislation in the UK that governs various safety aspects around vape. For example, vape bottles mustn’t contain more than 20mg of nicotine per 1ml of juice, and bottles must not exceed 10ml of juice. All vape juices must also feature a tamper-proof and childproof opening.


Buying from a UK-based retailer with a solid reputation, such as the vape shop Eltham, will help to keep you safe. If you do, you know that the products you are buying conform to health and safety standards in the UK, which are in turn very strict.

Keep Your Vape Equipment and Juices Out of Reach

If you keep your equipment and juices out of reach of children and animals, they won’t be able to access it and will avoid silly mistakes. It isn’t enough just to put your stuff up high. In order to be extra safe with your vape equipment and juices, keep them in a locked cabinet as you would your medicines.


Cover Packaging or Buy Dull Packaging

One thing that attracts children to the juices is the colourful packaging. It looks fun, so naturally they want it. Now, there is some controversy here. Some people believe that the colourful packaging is actually there to entice children. This is highly unlikely. Adults enjoy the packaging too!


Still, when children see it, it acts like the proverbial “forbidden fruit”. To minimise the risk that children will see and want your vape juices, buy vape that comes in plain packaging – you can find them at the vape shop Eltham.

Alternatively, peel off the labels or cover with some sort of non-translucent tape, such as duct tape. However, if you do this, make sure that you still know what nicotine/ingredients there are in the juice. You could inadvertently vape more nicotine than you’d like if you do not know how much nicotine is in there.


Follow these three rules and you will help to ensure that your little ones are safe and sound. Vape isn’t dangerous in the same way that smoking is, but it can still pose risks. It’s important to be aware of these.

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