How Not To Drip A Drop Driving

If you are a vaper and you need to fill your e cig tank you would normally drip your favourite liquid into it for a satisfying vape.

If you are often on the road, perhaps for work and you are on the motorway, you can simply not pull over to do this manually. Just imagine what you would say to the motorway police when you have to explain why you pulled over? Eh, I needed to use my e cig but it has run out of juice. Do you seriously think they let you go off with a warning?


The answer is to buy an ez dripper uk kit which is designed to make filling your atomiser a doddle when you are driving along.

This device is easily mounted on the windscreen of your car with a suction pad. You will get instructions with your purchase. But basically when mounted you just place the bottle into the sleeve so you can fill the atomizer when you are on the go.

For the ones fond of Apps you will be able to track what’s in the bottle and which e juice you are currently using.

I suppose this gadget is for the ones amongst you who are well versed with vaping. If you are not, you would have to start from the beginning by researching the various possibilities you have and, most challenging, which juice will suit you best when you have finally come off the fags.


Taste is a very subjective thing, thank goodness. Otherwise we would be a boring species. When choosing a liquid you need to ask yourself whether you want something close in taste to tobacco or whether you are going to let your taste buds run riot.

If you have never smoked before and you have a sweet tooth, you would perhaps prefer the flavours that remind you of your favourite sweet. Furthermore, there are liquids that have absolutely no nicotine in them so you won’t get hooked on it.

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