4 Tips All Vapers Wish They Knew When They First Started Vaping

Are you new to vape? If you are, then you need to read this article to avoid some of the frustrations often encountered by new vapers. These helpful tips will ensure that you manage your habit well and do not fall victim to some of the common pitfalls that happen at the beginning. Believe me; you’ll thank me for it in the end!

Tip 1: always carry an extra battery

When your battery runs out on your device, you have no option but to stop vaping. If you’re anything like me, then you have a serious nicotine addiction, and not being able to vape can lead to some vexing moods. Girlfriends and pets had better watch out when my nicotine is low because I am one grumpy person and I might not give them pets...No, only joking, I’m not that bad. But you know what it’s like when you run out of nicotine. The frustration can be immense.


Tip 2: always carry a spare device

This is something that many people overlook. They assume that if they have their battery backup, that all will be well and good. However, devices sometimes failed for reasons other than their batteries.

I have been vaping more than 5-years and some of the issues that I have encountered over the years include cracked tanks, faulty technology, and I have unfortunately stood on a device. These problems are not solved by changing the battery!

I always carry a backup device, but I’ll choose a low end, cheap one, just to get me through. I use a vape pen to help here.


Tip 3: always keep spare coils

This is something that seems to take ages for you to acquire as a habit when you first start Vaping. However, over the months and years, you’ll learn to keep spare coils on you at all time. They can go all of a sudden without any warning, and again, it puts you out of sorts because you can’t get your nicotine hit.


I always carry a three or four coils on me at any one time just to be on the safe side. I’ve never had to use them all in a single process, but I have had bad batches of coils where one or two will go straight away so having a good number of coils on you helps to minimise those risks.


Tip 4: Always keep bad juices

I always have one or two juices on the go at any one time in addition to whatever juice I’m smoking at the moment. For example, right now I’m smoking Diamond Mist e liquid, but I also have a couple of bottles of other juices as a backup supply.


This isn’t only to make sure that you don’t run out of juice and therefore can’t get your nicotine hit. It’s also because sometimes you get so used to the juice that you can’t taste it anymore. So I might have to break up my Diamond Mist e liquid by Vaping dinner lady e-liquid for a few days just to switch the flavours off little bit and bring the diamond Mist back to life.

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