3 Things Every Vaper Should Understand About Vaping

In the past decade, vape has well and truly burst onto the scenes. It’s been one of the fastest growing new industries of recent years. This isn’t surprising. It’s a great alternative to smoking and is likely to vastly improve the health of people who replace their cigarette habit with a vape one instead.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of vape, you’re probably still trying to find your feet so that you can understand as much about it as possible. This will help you to get the most out of your habit and really enjoy what you’re doing.

To help make this easier, we have written this article. Here, you’ll discover three things that we believe all vapers should know about vaping. Understanding these three points can really make your habit work. We’ve seen it repeatedly at the Dartford vape shop, people who understand these three principles are much more likely to succeed at quitting smoking for vape. We hope it helps you too!


You Need to Use a Different Technique When Vaping

If you find that you’re not getting a good enough hit when you vape, then it might well be because your drawing on the vape pen/device in the same way that you would draw on a cigarette. However, you need to change your technique slightly to make vaping work for you.

When you draw on the device, take it much slower than you do with smoking: you don’t have to pull as hard or as fast. It’s a much slower, even, drag with vaping.

This makes vaping feel much smoother in the mouth and lungs. It’s a much gentler, more relaxed, habit.


The Buzz You Get from Vaping Isn’t the Same as the Buzz You Get from Smoking

This is probably the most important point for ex-smokers to understand about vaping. Failure to grasp this point can make them return to smoking. It’s important that you manage expectations. Vaping and smoking are not identical and so they do not feel the same.


They do feel similar, and there are things that you can do to make this more likely, but they are not the same. If you want to make your vape feel a bit more like smoking, use a high propylene glycol juice, a sub ohm vaporiser, and a high heat. These can really make the vape feel a bit smokier. However, it won’t be the same, just similar. Choosing a tobacco flavoured e juice can also make the two habits feel a little similar.


However, it’s important that you manage your expectations or you might scuttle back to smoking, which isn’t good for you at all. They’re similar. They are not the same.


Part of the fun of vaping is that you can experiment. There are all sorts of ways of doing this, from choosing different flavours to choosing different ratios of PG to VG. It’s all about exploring and having fun.


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